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About Us

Evidence base through collaboration

ODIN international is an international collaboration between centres specializing in the management of prosthetic joint infections (PJIs).

The aim of the collaboration is to better understand, prevent, diagnose and manage periprosthetic joint infections through the use of big data.

A primary aim of the network is to establish a registry of PJIs to help answer questions that require large datasets.

We are an inclusive community and welcome the addition of other centres.

Our Logo

ODIN's logo encompasses a raven. The raven was chosen due to it's roots in Norse mythology.  The ravens Huginn (old Norse "thought") and Muninn (old Norse  "mind") are a pair of ravens that fly all over the world, and bring information to Odin.


Somewhat akin to the world-wide collaboration of thought and mind that we hope to achieve.

The logo was designed by one of our medical students, Bryn Gilbertson.

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